Drum, Liner or FIBC – Dec have the solution for filling and emptying

Flexible integration is critical, with safety, productivity, containment and cleaning also being key factors. Dec group can supply a wide range of solutions for emptying and filling, for virtually any packaging requirement.


Dec Group can offer the full
package for delivery of
your filling and emptying needs




Dec have a wide range of solutions for contained filling and emptying

  • Contained Drum Emptying and Filling
  • IBC Emptying and Filling
  • FIBC Emptying and Filling
  • Single Bag and Continuous Liner Solutions
  • Sack Tip Stations
  • Contained Bag Dispensing
  • High Accuracy Dosing Solutions
  • For Powders and Liquids

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Our Filling and Emptying Products

One of the key requirements for any process in all production facilities is the ability to both empty and fill powders and liquids. Whether this is the start, end or an intermediate stage in the process, it is important to have the solution that gives, among other factors, operator safety and good productivity. Dec have developed a wide range of solutions with these core factors in mind. Whether the quantities are small or large with varying packaging styles, we have the solution for you.

We can provide systems from a simple lance all the way to high containment equipment for the emptying and filling of drums, small bags, continuous liner, IBC’s and FIBC’s. In addition, for filling we have the ability to integrate our transfer and dosing technology to provide close tolerance pack off solutions for final product charging.