Micronizing at its Finest with the new Fourth Generation
MC DecJet Mills

Our new 4th generation MC DecJet Mill Systems can overcome the most common issues of cleaning, heat generation and tight particle size limits with its revolutionary technology.


Dec Group can offer the complete range of services for your micronizing project.


Main benefits of the MC DecJet Range

  • Narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
  • Simple & Rapid assembly / disassembly
  • Limited number of components
  • High Yields
  • Low energy consumption
  • Sterile Manufacturing
  • PSD scalability across all MC DecJet mill models

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Our Micronization Products

Pharmaceutical ingredients in powder form often need to be reduced into the microscale size range in order to achieve their best effects. Common pitfalls of cleaning issues, heat generation and high particle lower size limits (40 microns) when using mechanical mills can be controlled with Dec’s MC DecJet® range of fluid energy mills.

Dec is considered a pioneer in the field of spiral jet milling. The development of jet milling technology, ie particle size reduction by collision, dates back to the 1960s followed by continuous development over the decades leading to today’s high performance 4th generation jet mills serving many industries, notably in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector.

The new 4th generation MC DecJet® systems has been developed with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. The subsequently improved geometry of the grinding chambers and ring integrated nozzles have led to a very narrow PSD (Particle Size Distribution) around 1 micron (Gaussian curve) revolutionizing existing micronizing procedures.