DCS Liquid – for the transfer of potent liquids

The DCS Liquid was specifically developed for contained transfer of potent and corrosive liquids, achieving containment levels of <1 ppb. A well needed update on large traditional vented solvent booths.


The Dec DCS Drum Containment System for liquids




The main features and advantages of the DCS Liquid are:

  • Ideal for toxic and corrosive liquids
  • Total odour control
  • Operator, product and environment protection
  • Tiny airflow compared to traditional large solvent booths
  • Nitrogen inerted model available
  • Compact design with mobile option
  • Can be used for various drum sizes
  • MOC include Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Halar coating
  • Load cells for accurate dosing and partial discharge
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install

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DCS Liquid

A single DCS Liquid can be utilised for both the contained emptying and filling of drums via the enclosed rise and fall suction lance.  Both the DCS Glovebox Head and Lance Assembly are vented to an extraction point to provide a suitable negative pressure internal environment. There is also the choice between either room air or nitrogen inerted single pass operation.  The DCS Liquid totally removes the need for specialised protective clothing and large Laminar Airflow type booths of the past.