Eliminate your risk with the
PTS Powder Transfer System

Whether you are looking to dose, blend or transfer powder, DEC offer the ultimate in powder Handling systems. Based on our patented Powder Transfer System technology (PTS) we have the solution.


Our Powder Transfer Products

The patented PTS is an effective method for transferring dry and moist powders and even for charging reactors that have highly flammable atmospheres. It only conveys powder in the dense-phase at low velocities moving plugs of powder through the line, this avoids damage to the particles and removes any potential for explosion, as the ratio of air to powder is way outside the explosion region. DEC only use conductive, grounded components, which also eliminates most possible ignition sources.

As a major improvement to any process, whether it is a filling, discharging, blending or dosing application, the PTS boosts production and improves safety. In addition to reactor charging, the PTS can be used in combination with a myriad of other process equipment.  The PTS can be used in conjunction with a DEC containment device to provide nanogram levels of contained transfer. Production times can be reduced and process steps can be linked to each other, saving space, exposure, time and money.

There are currently over
3,000 DEC
Powder Transfer Systems
operational worldwide.




Main benefits of the PTS Powder Transfer System

  • Empties or fills all process equipment including reactors, dryers and
  • Transfers all powders regardless of their characteristics (sticky, fine, lumpy, compressing, hygroscopic, moist, etc.)
  • Safely conveys highly potent and/or low MIE powders
  • Dense-phase transfer; gentle on the particles, no segregation, no static build up
  • Removes conveyed air from the powder before charging the vessel
  • Easy to clean – CIP options available
  • Hygienic sterile units available

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